Our Values

About Our Colorado Springs, CO Accounting Firm

An accounting firm’s ideals guide their quality of service. Our standards are all focused on giving you the highest level of support we can muster. Bradshaw & Associates, PLLC follows client-first values to provide tax planning and small business accounting in Colorado Springs and to all surrounding communities. 

Serving Diverse Clients' Needs

Every company is different, especially when it comes to their bookkeeping needs. Some businesses need a lot of help, and others only need minimal assistance. Some owners subsequently do not look for the support they need because they think their concerns are too small to outsource.

Regardless of the level of support needed, every business can use the aid of an accountant. Our Colorado Springs CPA firm lends our undivided attention and personalized support to every client we see, whether they need full accounting management or occasional help reconciling bank accounts.

If you are looking for an accounting firm’s guidance, no need is insignificant. At Bradshaw & Associates, PLLC, we are always happy to help you get the support you need.

Client Education

For our team, suggesting a tactic for successful accounting and tax planning is not enough. We want you to make sure you know exactly why a suggestion is going to help you. That way, you have the knowledge needed to keep growing your business between our consulting engagements. 

Our staff offers dedicated client education. We explain every service and advisement we offer in terms our clients understand. We continue to do this on a regular basis to make sure each client is aware of available solutions to alleviate any concerns. We are not satisfied that we have helped our clients until they comprehensively understand their financial situation.

Proactive Accounting Approach

Many accounting services are provided as reactions to the problems a business faces. While we cannot overstate the importance of resolving a client’s issues at hand, the best solution for financial concerns is to prevent them from happening at all.

Bradshaw & Associates, PLLC prefers to take a proactive approach to accounting and tax services. We look ahead to see what your present financial situation says about potential problems, working with you to prevent them from happening. You can continue to enjoy a stress-free operation with our forward-thinking bookkeeping solutions.

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Bradshaw & Associates, PLLC provides accounting and tax services in Colorado Springs by adhering to these client service values. We aim to give you the highest quality of accounting support. For more information, call us and schedule a consultation today. 


Geoff Bradshaw, CPA