New Business Formation

Launching New Businesses in Colorado Springs

The most important decisions for a company’s operation occur before its grand opening. With our expert advisement, you can make the right calls that give you a long-term competitive edge. Bradshaw & Associates, PLLC provides small business startups and new business formation to Colorado Springs, and all nearby areas.

Planning the Launch

The decisions that have to be made during preopening are based on the kind of business you wish to run and the money and property at your disposal. Therefore, our advisory services rely on understanding these factors.

Bradshaw & Associates, PLLC starts each small business startup engagement with a frank discussion of their goals and resources. Our CPA looks at what kind of company our client wants to run and the capital they have at the beginning of their operations. Through this understanding, we are able to help entrepreneurs start their new venture with solid footing.

Additionally, the type of assets your company will hold onto can make entity dissolution difficult. We do not just look at the current benefits your company and property offer. Instead, we look ahead to see potential advantages and disadvantages behind your future operations. We base our advisement on your long-term success in addition to your immediate concerns.

Entity Selection

One of, if not the, most important decision to make at launch is the business’ entity structure. Each structure has its own implications for tax liability and growth opportunities. Whether these ongoing costs are countered by a new company owner’s plans for development is different for each person. Even entrepreneurs that seem to be in the same situation can be best served by different entities.

Our Colorado Springs firm will help you analyze the entity choices you have. We look at the tax implications and regulation rules each structure has. With this information at your disposal, you can determine the right structure for you.

Fully Customized Service

There is no single right answer regarding entity selection. Not everyone is best served by becoming an S-corporation if they have the means to take it, and not every small-scale venture requires a sole proprietorship.

Bradshaw & Associates, PLLC makes sure that we are taking your overall situation into account when advising on entity selection. We look for the structure that serves your company’s immediate goals without locking you out of later restructuring opportunities. We help you find the flexible solution that can be adjusted when it no longer helps you meet your objectives.

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Bradshaw & Associates, PLLC offers small business startups in Colorado Springs. We help new business owners from our local and all surrounding communities have an effective launch, so their continued operations will be successful as well. For more information, call our firm and schedule your consultation today.

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