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Tax Planning Services in Colorado Springs

Taxes are a reality that every person and company must face. However, when you plan ahead and maintain good tax strategies, you can keep this cost within a fair amount. Bradshaw & Associates, PLLC offers tax planning services to help our clients keep a low, manageable obligation.

Tandem Planning

Tax planning for individual taxpayers and tax planning for businesses are often advertised as two entirely different services. However, your income taxes will be affected by your company’s. Failing to consider this will limit the utility of your tax strategies.

Instead, Bradshaw & Associates, PLLC provides individual and business tax planning as two parts of the same service. We work to make sure your entire tax situation is helped through our support.

Long-Term Planning

Tax planning may seem successful when your income is deferred and deduction are taken to get you the biggest return possible in this current tax year. However, things eventually catch up to you. As a result, we do not just look at how much you can save in the current tax year. Our firm looks to your long-term financial health in our planning services.

This includes putting your deductions to their most effective use. If taking a certain deduction now means losing out in the long run, we help you prioritize your deductions for your future financial security.

Accommodating New Tax Laws

In 2018, a new tax law went into effect that had many people worried. It offered several changes to how taxes and deductions are calculated.

When this new tax law went into effect, just as we do with all updates to the tax code, Bradshaw & Associates, PLLC carefully analyzed it until we understood how it functioned. We always work to make sure we understand the tax laws affecting you so we can provide sound advice. If you need to make sure your taxes remain at their legal amount through this new tax law, you can come to us for help.

For example, the 2018 tax law came with massive changes to Section 199A, which determines the new corporate and pass-through tax rates. Our firm can help you find your new business obligation under the updated 199A and plan accordingly.

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Bradshaw & Associates, PLLC has served our local community for nearly ten years through effective tax planning. Any company that operates in or near Colorado Springs can benefit from having us look at their obligations and making strategies that minimize them in the long-term. For more information about how we help you and your business thrive, schedule a consultation today.

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